Friday, April 16, 2010

Why I love my wife.

Last Saturday Andrea called and left me a messege that she wasn't sure when she would be able to call again. In her voice I could hear her fighting desperately to hold back the tears. She is an unbelievable strong woman, but she still hurts occasionally. Normally kryptonite is involved. On her messege all she left was her address. Nothing else. So each night since then I have written and mailed her daily. That's why I have lacked the blogs. Knowing her she will end up all pissed off at me for being all loved dovey and concerned, but what the heck, someone has to be the emotional one in this relationship. As to the topic of this blog.....

The reason I love my wife is simple. She's really hot. I am reminded of that as I look at one of our wedding pictures on my desk. I really am amazed at the beauty of the woman I married. The best part is she looks the same whether we are at a fancy dinner or she just rolled out of bed. Ok so she's not so beautiful when cranky but as long as I am not doing anything but breathing, she's good.

Of course there is more to her than that. I definately see what God wanted to get across in Prov 31 when it speaks of a beauty that needs nothing to make it stand out. But the truely best part about her and the part I love about her, is the part I hate most. She is my opposite. I didn't really realize how much she completed me til she was gone, kinda like that ol saying. I find myself all to often in a position where I am like "Oh Crap what do I do?" Some people would say pray about it. But really I know God doesn't want me to bother Him with stuff that should be common sense. So instead I ask myself "WWAD- What Would Andrea Do". She is so organized and thinks so straight forward, that she mellows my jumbled driving in circles self. If not for her I don't know how I would manage anything.

I wanted to get something to eat tonight so I didn't have to cook since I didn't have the kids for an hour, but I asked myself WWAD and what do ya know, I saved $10. Whenever I have something that is time sensitive or of some kind of importance, I find myself doing it like Andrea would rather than just putting it off. Maybe it's all the time I have on my hands. I dunno, but I think I can say that in our 4 yrs I have learned a thing or 2. Ok, maybe just 1 thing. Now I just have to learn the other 9,876,345,274 things she wants me to do we may have a chance.

They say opposites attract. I dunno if that's true but I know that I need Andrea.

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