Monday, April 5, 2010

The Intro

Over the years I have found it very useful to journal/write/blog, whatever you want to call it, to help me get through tough obstacles and also to slow down and ponder my life and put it into perspective. I think for sure right now life is calling for some words from my heart.
For those of you that don't know me, my name is Wayne, I am 31 yrs old. This June I will have been married to my wife,Andrea, whom I only dated for 4 months before we got hitched, for 4 UNBELIEVABLE years. Unbelievable on SO many different levels too. (Which I am sure as blogs go on I will elaborate more on.)
I have a 9 y/o boy named Kyle who is just like I was when I was his age. Too smart for his own good if ya know what I mean. I have had custody of him for 5 or 6 yrs now. I fought an amazingly grueling fight against a flawed and incompetant, yet extremely overworked/underpaid/underappreciated "system". His mom left me and took him when he was 9 months old and I didn't see him for 2 yrs and then very seldom for the next 18 months when the state took him from his mom and my parents helped out.(Which again, as blogs go on I will elaborate more.)
My wife and I had our son Quinn last June and he is now nine months old. (Which of course updating life and the growth of a child is a great blog, that's not this but I will share as time goes on.)
I have some very strong political/patriotic views, which are then compounded with an extremely crazy view of religion today and my own personal walk with God. A tidbit in my mind is this: Politics-I will be 110% behind whoever is in charge. County/City/State/Federal, whoever is an elected official. I will see them next election and be thankful for the time they served. As for religion- I consdier myself a Christian, but question my salvation, because I know right from wrong and still choose to do wrong. I know that I am a VERY flawed sinful person. I consider myself having a WAY better chance at spending my life in hell than most, because my convictions run SO deep. Only praying for God's mercy on my soul. Hoping He sees how much I struggle with wanting to do what's right. I also put the blame for the state of our country and world on us who claim to be Christians. If all of us who say we are really were, then why do we still have hungry and homeless people? It's not like there is a small portion of the world's popualtion that is Christian. We are an army. So why again is is this country especially, hurting so much. I question our church leaders for entertaining the public more than they educate. (This will once again, will be elaborated more on in the future. And boy it should be interesting. But it's not what makes my blog worth reading.)
So here it is, with all I have shared so far, I have left out that my extremely "out of my league" wife, who really is my soulmate because she completes me by being the exact opposite of me in every way possible, she has left me here with the boys, to join the US Army at 30 years old. Which I personally find it to be divine intervention that Quinn is 9 months old, the EXACT same age Kyle was when I missed being a dad. Today that's almost all I am since she is gone. And I can't help but to thank God for not only allowing me this honor to stay home, but for the honor of the challenges and experiences that will come in the next 6mos initially and then however Uncle Sam sees fit. I am a very big believer in divine intervention. It has happened in my life on WAY TOO MANY occasions to remember them all. But I will do my best and share them with whoever wants to hear them. I even think some people may be able to pull something away from what God has brought me through, for their own live's. So if you feel it useful, pass my page along.
I should say, while for privacy reasons I may not share everything, I try to wear myself on my sleeve as much as possible. Noone knows more than me exactly how flawed I am. Like I said my convictions are deep.

Oh ya... and the most fun about Andrea being away, there will be 2 things growing these next 6 mos until she gets out of training, 1 is my garden(I kinda wanna be a farmer like guy), and 2, I will be growing my beard and not touch it until she gets home. I am doing this for a lot of different reasons. Mainly because I love my wife and it is one way of showing my love and support to her. However weird it may be.

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