Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I am simply amazed at how one day can differ from the next. Yesterday it seemed I could not be still. All day long my mind wandered and found a place somewhere that I could not escape. The day seemed like it went on forever. And then when I got Quinn to sleep, I decided I would go to bed early myself. Wouldn't ya know about 15 mins into my sleeping he made a loud enough wimper that it woke me up and I couldn't get back to sleep for another 2 1/2 hours. I think the restless nights are the hardest thing to get used to. When Andrea was here, I would just reach over and touch her arm as we slept. Not only do I have to worry bout getting my face licked these days by Riley(even though Andrea never did that I can only imagine it would be better than Riley licking me), but I also now understand what frustrates women about their man when they are the one's responsible for having to be "on call" for sleep schedule.

All of this is definately adding to the appreciation I have for what most women are left alone to do. For some reason guy's just don't gravitate towards nurturing a child like a woman would. I know myself included, the first 3 months of an infant is scary. So fragile and my hands were so big. It is very humbling to learn how to be so gentle with such a small child. I am just glad I have a boy that I can say "quit whining" to. A girl I am sure I would treat like a doll. I am not trying to make excuses for men, but it really isn't in our nature to think of a child like a woman does.

I am very proud of Quinn when he accomplishes something. But really, it's no big deal. God willing, he will walk/talk and everything else. While the first time is great, I personally, and as a large population of men, do not get "giddy" about those things. Yes it was cool that when I walked in to get him yesterday morning that he waved to me, but I know that's just the beginning.

Another struggle as a man is going places with a baby. Guy's already have a hard time going to lunch or to the park or other non engaging places alone. Now throw a kid into the mix where ya go and hang out with a bunch of women. No thanks. I just don't see us having too much to talk about. Unless they wanna talk sports. Then I may fall in love with them. Which would lead to divorce which wouldn't be good. So no, I will stay away from playdates.

Ok while I am on it, how about going shopping. Seriously. I wish I wasn't someone who knew God would send me to eternal damnation. Because the amount of women who throw themselves at Quinn's blue eyes is ridiculous. And just because of percentages of women coming at us, I know that I need to keep a pure mind. It prob wouldn't be so bad, if 1) the "puppies" were kept in their cage and also if some of the women didn't come across so desperate. I know that I am far from "a catch", somehow I "snagged" Andrea so I know I got something going for me. But I have heard enough "oh I wish my ________ was more like you"; Just because they don't really know their man or me. Or know how hard it is for us to be doting and loving like a lady would.

I don't speak for all men, but I can speak for most when I say we as men need certain things in life. Respect-Honor-Validation(RHV). A lot of men find some if not all of those things in their work, or sports or hobbies. If you want your man to be a little softer and a little more what you want and a little more into you, let him find those 3 things he is looking for in his wife.

Unfortunately the chore of trying to have the wife be the one responsible for filling her husbands RHV tank, is just as hard as the mans job to "Love his wife as Christ loved the church". And if you know the bible you know the chuch pissed Jesus off on numerous occasions but He somehow found a way to forgive her, love her and lay down His life for her.

While Andrea is gone I must survive on the "thought" of her only to fill my RHV tank. She didn't do all that good of a job at filling it when she was here so sometimes it's hard to focus on what's most important and what I have been using for a long time, it's worth repeating: "the mans job to "Love his wife as Christ loved the church". And if you know the bible you know the chuch pissed Jesus off on numerous occasions but He somehow found a way to forgive her, love her and lay down His life for her."

Never that I know of in the bible is the woman told to love her husband. Just fill his RHV. Only we men must love our wives.

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